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Corporate Brand Identity & Logo – An Inspiration

Apr 25, 2013
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“Light is faster than Sound” – sounds a familiar quote. People tend to believe on what they see, more than what they hear. Nothing new in these quotes, yet from the pre-historic times humans are fascinated about symbols, colors and designs. That’s what made today’s business branding techniques, an essential part of corporate identity of any developing concern. A good business must have an elegant brand and a conceptual logo which represents their image in the corporate. Logo designing is been a very challenging task for any company. A successful logo would apparently enlarge your footprints in the customers brains as well as in their hearts.

Scope of Logo Design

The foundation of a Brand is decided by a designer. A logo is a representation, in other words an iconic identification of your business to the outer world. A good logo design company identifies and analyses the corporate from a different perspective and gets to work over the vast amount of discrete ideas extracted from the conceptual analysis.

It is indeed a combination of many of the following ingredients like marks, shapes, fonts, designs, colors and images that makes a good logo design but into business their presence is meant different. It addresses the business in a very lucrative manner which is more or less to do with standardization of the corporate identity among the rest of the corporate world.

How must It Be …?

A logo’s design must be simple yet reasonable and memorable. It must flash in the minds of people who just think of the corporate brand. There must not be any changes required once the logo is set out into the business hence it is to be considered as time-limit-less.Versatility must be maintained in the process of corporate logo creation. It must commemorate all the needs like monochrome support, scalability, vector base and compatible to both portrait and landscape scaling criteria for watermarking purposes.

The logo designing team has to be very appropriate about the role that the business is playing to make the attributes of the logo to look rational for the concerned corporate. For example a Play School logo may use childish fonts and rainbow colors while a Steel Industry would tend to inclined at a different doodle and a more robust one.

Instance is a Specialty

Instant recognition is the greatest tribute a logo can deliver to your shining business. Designing good logos depends upon the portfolio of the successfully designed logos, eventually the overall experience a logo design company has earned. The feel it intent to produce in the people becomes the loyalty, trust and a remarkable good-will among the clients which is the single most valuable asset to any corporate branding. It increases the probability of getting business from unpopular competitors if and only if we had a professional logo design for our business, thus it generate superiority over the competing corporate.

Not Just a Design

Combined lines added with few patches of colors are not that we look for. The logo is just not a design to show its own properties, it just brings the quality of the product that it symbolizes  This makes it worthwhile as much as the quality of the ultimate product it signifies. The best logo design would be produced only after a few weeks of hard work and some may even takes months but the goal would be sure and fruitful. Instant logo designers are often of meagre quality or the risk of breaking your corporate brand is more among these cheap practices.

Where should you Go ?

A Good logo designing company must be chosen only by the portfolio it has and testimonials it has earned in the past path of active businesses. Designing your future corporate identity is so fragile and a critical process to give it to any other cheap resources available in the un-standard corporate market.

Choose a professional logo designer and corporate logo designer very carefully by investigating their past projects and achievements. Analyse the modes of communication you and your logo designer have. More personal communication mediums are more preferable since the priority matters a lot here.

Corporate Branding Process

  1. Do you need a logo design ?
  2. Are you going to survive in the market for long ?
  3. Do you have the desire to have a unique corporate identity ?

Though syntax of the above questions is different from one another the answers must be semantically similar to all. Be careful and aware that this may be the leap in your business development in the competitive and dynamic market standards.

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