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Google’s Panda Vs Penguin Algorithm Factors

Jun 18, 2013
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The websites that are giants in their rank, even much of those sites are greatly pulled down to the floor by the changes in the Google’s Algorithms, it may lead them to re-structure and renovate all their keywords and refine their duplicate pages.

A savagely penned down site must be soon altered so as it witness a complete brush up by preferably a professional writer in a seo company.  The main contents include the blogs posts, articles and many other like these. A better idea would be to renovate and add as much as possible to the existing or new contents jotted down in a seo standard along with the removal of regretful content.

A neat and clean SEO metadata would help Google which actually ignore the keywords and concentrate more upon the descriptions. Though the keywords also have their prime position yet it is important to make sure that they are aptly selected and righty used. If at all the Keyword density that goes beyond a certain limit in the articles and blogs it would be immediately marked for execution. This is apparent that they try to compromise the search analytics.

As the second updated algorithm, Panda mainly focused on refining the sites which attempted to prank the algorithms with the over dose of keywords and spamming with a junk of links. Google Disavow Tool can be used to find weather a site has seo spam links directing to it, which also removes them for you. We have to be critical while performing a site audit to identify tricky links and the tool must be implemented carefully.

Panda also takes responsibility over the originality and uniqueness of the content. It must be 60% unique site-wise, as well as publicly accessible to get validated by the rules of Panda.

Penguin focuses mostly over the actual content of the site, while both the algorithms are regularly being updated in order to keep themselves fresh. Mostly the Penguin is intended in the keywords stuff inside the articles and spam links of seo needing website.

Most importantly, they both are concerned towards the accessibility, content, spamming techniques and a set of new rules and regulations designed to identify and eradicate black hat seo.

So, what is Black Hat SEO?

Fundamentally, a way of attempting to influence the normal functionality of search engines to trick down them to make them decide the value of a site to be greater than it is actually. It makes use of fast-growing tricks and techniques towards a search engine, rather than a human user who is actually the real seo beneficiary.

There are also other methods like the one here called as white and grey hat techniques. Much of the professional are extra paid for using these kinds of tricky techniques for attracting more internet traffic into their intended sites thus making a quick fix to their seo requirements. This is the backend reason why some reputed sites have come down in ranking when they have no part in making the mischief and are totally unaware of the fact that made this fall in rank happen to them through the seo agency.

The Black Hat Techniques Comprise of:

  • Hiding text inside the code package
  • Sites that comprise of backlinks of each other to spam the index of the search engine, generally known as the link farms.
  • Spamming in Blog, using the comments field to place links to other sites in blogs and forums.
  • Scraping, is where a site borrows contends from another site to broadcast an increase in its value to the search engines.
  • Doorway pages used with a varied intension of attracting searchers with phrases not exactly related to the contents of the sites.
  • Parasitic Hosting, where sites are hosted in unauthorised server machines.
  • Cloaking is when a search engine spider is made to view a different content apart from the real content that users actually view through a web browser.

Cluster of some very unethical and nasty techniques that promised a hike in performance but had a risk in slashing the honour of the company, website does actually appear profitable. Using such Black hat techniques ensure the instant link backs, rather than traditional white hat methods in which we wait for months for link backs. Indeed it fills the internet with useless contents and a lot of spam which seriously affected the searching experience in many cases and search engine companies strive hard to handle this.

According to the white hat seo practice we pay much for setting up a blog network, to link with the analytics and content which is abruptly forfeited in the cheaper methods to do the same with black hat techniques in a far quicker manner.

A PPC Campaign combined with Black hat methods, may invite heavy penalties that will be incurred from the advertisement host, apart from leading to threat of legal action towards employing the black hat techniques towards the seo for website.

It is indeed a non-recommended issue to use black hat techniques because of such serious problems involved like penalties in terms of legal action, risk in degradation of reputation, threat of being blocked from getting a rank. However Google’s updates would surely hate such practices with appropriate actions and seo penalties.

Assuring the above we have already witnessed the immense drop in the rankings of content mills, being one of the critical areas that Google always wanted to address and work something really intelligent enough to distinguish the valuable contents from the rest.

Including Google all the search engines have a very transparent vision, they intend to clean up the World Wide Web and penalise the bad practices, providing more useful contents in the top search results. Not well aware of the cause and usage of the Black hat techniques we would always be glad to use the ability of the search engines to wipe out the junk and get us quality links which provide exactly the information we search for.

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