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How Do Your Content Benefit from SEO

May 7, 2013
Content, SEO
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Search Engine optimization is a technique which optimizes your website to make it appear in the top position among search engine results which in turn converting the visitor into a valuable customer. SEO is a key which identifies you and your company from the crowd of competitors. Search engine ranks your website based on the query and relevance of the information. Truly, content is the part of SEO. Every business has different type of target audience and their information differs. Search engine optimization renders timely information relevant to the target.


Content is the actual king who rules the internet world. It is used everywhere in websites, blogs, e-cards, advertisements, marketing, business etc. Website is made up of content, in which multiple disciplines are explained. We create websites for business which meant for real-time marketing at anywhere, anytime. Many companies are concentrating in the creation of content to their website to increase their reputation and brand awareness.


Must be original:

1. Contents should be original, uniquely written and not copied.
2. It should be understandable and not misinterpret.
3. Each sentence should be interesting, entertaining and useful to the readers.

Quality and Standard:

1. You should be a creative thinker to get standards in content writing.
2. The quality of content is crucial because the customers are spending their precious time on it, so we must convince them to accept our services.

Consider the people:

1. While preparing the contents, you should concentrate only on readers and not for ranking in SEO.
2. It should reach the customers, to turn into business.
3. We should focus on a targeted audience until we fulfill their aims.

Location of the keyword:

1. Online Content writer should be specific on keyword mapping to locate words that shouldn't annoy the reader while reading the content.
2. Keyword strategies must be followed strictly on content. It accounts for indexing in SEO.

 No spell mistakes, No errors:

1. It should be free from error. It should be accurate as possible.
2. Writing in Web differs from spoken word, so language competency must be fluent.
3. Before posting check for spelling, grammar and writing style issues.

Using keywords differently:

1. Online content writer must have skills to use keywords differently in the webpage. It must be related and pointing the general.
2. They must know how to insert keywords in the paragraphs and how to skip unnecessary usage of words, because web is made up of mixed content.

Relevancy of information:

1. Relevancy is a main area which we should concentrate in SEO.
2. In addition, customer satisfaction is very important to accomplish the success of the search engine results.


Keywords and key phrases promote your websites. Use of appropriate keywords in the site hits us to rank top. Having keyword directed links to the website increases the traffic to the website. We can also say keyword directed links acts as bait in the content writing services. In indexing the keyword, combinations are prioritized. Redundancy is filtered during the search engine results and we cannot fool search engines.


Search crawler commences with the list of the Website URL’s. While entering the query, search engine search the index, which contains the information related to the search. Indexing actually ranks the website. It also includes the keyword mapping. Several elements are available to find the relevancy of a search. Some are based on the Page rank, links to the location of the keyword, algorithms which we use etc.


The points we should restrain in mind about content writing services are:

1. Beginning of the content should engage interest and fresh. The amount of space between the content gives you good structure.
2. The website should load fast and customers should not wait for loading.Use JavaScript.
3. Breaking paragraphs in to lists and sub-topics.
4. Use of directed links, keyword tags, title tags, and alt attribute tags.
5. Don’t use images on the top of the page.
6. Keep updating your knowledge on changes in search engine algorithm
7. Avoid copying so that the readers can taste the originality of content writer’s creativity.

The art of content writing should not get spoiled in SEO campaign for the sake of best ranking. One thing we should be clear enough that content writing should grab the attention of the readers in few seconds when he switches in the website. Once a person entered into the website he should believe that his ultimate content works perfectly and search engine result doesn't lie.

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