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How to become a successful entrepreneur

Mar 15, 2013
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The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD) wing of Bharathidasan University organized a one-day event for the college grads across Tamil Nadu to promote and encourage the entrepreneurship culture.  A series of lectures, discussions and brainstorming sessions were conducted. IECD has invited us to have an interaction with the participants. Whenever people in this region think about Entrepreneurship, it’s evident that they think about TechCmantix. Stared as a small venture in 2007, we have grown in every facet of business. Ever since our inception, we are focusing on all the aspects needed to offer world-class IT services with low cost and high consistency.

We were extremely glad to accept that invitation from IECD and obliged with happiness. We firmly believe that sharing our experiences to students will definitely make a huge positive impact in their minds about becoming an entrepreneur. We have a success story and we love to share it. Divyaprakash of TechCmantix went there to meet the students and gave a tiny talk about Entrepreneurship ventures.  The students were very extremely eager to know about the TechCmantix story as it has everything to make them dream and desire about creating a similar thing. They interacted a lot as they had many questions to ask before kick-starting a venture.  In a nutshell, they gave overwhelming response and we were delighted to see the bunch of enthusiastic future entrepreneurs. I am sure about fact that they all had a great day of energy and enthusiasm.

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