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Implementing SEO Strategies While Developing Websites

May 20, 2013
Content, SEO, Web Design
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If you are having outstanding product, then start thinking about promoting it using SEO. SEO is an activity which makes your website to be found in search engine results. Contents and links can be used as promotional tool, if it is closely related to business and user’s search. There should not be a lot of differentiation between search results and websites it leads to. The things reflected in web should be from real world and figure out how a result adds value to users.

Original Versus Duplicate Content:

Apart from the perspective creation we should know, what duplicate content really means awhile understanding the implication towards SEO. While competing with other people, there are lots of factors to consider than just being user friendly site. What catches the eyes of crawlers in the content is unique value. The existence of low quality content and duplicative content in some part of your website will harm in the overall rating.

Identify Your Competitor:

It is pretty common to see competition in SEO for Branding. Marketing strategies involves straight competition with another company. It broadens their competitive focus to deliver content specifically that is designed to build market share in SEO.  The following strategies which enable us to focus are

  • What people actually wants
  • Your content versus competitor content
  • Business strength versus business threat
  • Need to create demand to move on
  • Hitting the specific revenue target
  • Define the purpose you hope to achieve
  • Transforming ideas into innovation

Unique Content and Unique Value:

Technically created unique content should possess unique value and age of the site will take you up there in SEO. While creating we should think how it looks to visitor’s mind, searcher’s mind and customer’s intent.Some pages in the web looks same except the different content, here the uniqueness applies to both internal and external sources.

During the re-architecting the website, we should be aware about the external stuff. There must be a true value everywhere in the web pages. Don’t worry about pages having light content, what actually matters is unique value which fills the space

How Content Looks to Visitor:

Developer must view their site from the audience point of view. It should capture away the visitor’s attention. We should provide something people need and looking for. For that one must invest on good designer to complement the SEO techniques. It’s a developer’s dream to understand how their work could make website in SEO ranking. Eventually typical SEO plan includes some tricks that lead to high Ranking. The task of content ideation involves estimating keyword difficulty.

Violations in Page Rank:

Recently Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of search spam said, Google will take action against Page Rank violation. Selling links (advertorial pages with embedded links) that pass Page Rank violates quality guidelines. The effect of link selling will start losing trust in Google’s search results.

Google Penguin, algorithm update which decreases search engine rankings of site that violates the webmaster’s guidelines. Few websites lost ranking during Penguin and Panda callouts. If caught they will send notification via webmaster tools and asked to remove the paid links, globally. It can lead to penalty.

Important factors in SEO:

Once you realize the content marketing, you may neglect the rest of SEO. They are

  • Don’t useoverabundance of ads in the site.
  • Aware of malware in your site.
  • Keep an eye on your crawler rate
  • Over-optimization of non-content items won’t help
  • Check your site using page speed tool.
  • Make sure you don’t have duplicates and misunderstood items.
  • Count your inbound and outbound links

SEO results are not instantaneous. The longevity of good strategy will take time to reflect the amount of work that has been put in. If you are doing what is best for user you no need to care about Google’s penalty type updates. Everything needs to be unique, considered and factored while talking about SEO. Good search engine optimization will definitely recognize what are all steps you have taken to make gains and its potential impact.

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