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E-mail marketing is all about using the online digital communication networks to promote and market the products/services of an organization. Businesses such as travel and e-commerce have gained immense benefits from email marketing in this digital world. A cost effective email marketing strategy will be the right tool to attract potential customers towards your business. The strategy involves 3 major steps: Strategy formulation, Content creation and Tracking the effectiveness to check the scalability of the campaign.

Our Email Marketing Services

We are in the domain of online marketing since 2007 and we know how to best utilize the tools of internet marketing to bring business from internet. Email Marketing is a direct marketing tool of digital marketing where one can send a commercial message to a group of people through email.

We have a proven track record of successful email marketing campaigns for many businesses and individuals. Mixing the right content with the right strategy is the key for success in email marking and we have achieved it in all our projects in the past.

Typical scenarios in which email marketing is needed

  • Launch of a new company
  • Launch of new and innovative products & services
  • To make the potential customers know about new offers and discounts
  • To broadcast the features of a new product or service
  • To make the world know about an event hosted by a company (eg: trade show)
  • To make your existing customer know that your shifting to a new address

Why to choose us for your email marketing campaign?

  • Loads of experience in email marketing
  • Proven success record with more than a thousand email campaigns
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Excellent email servers and HTML integration services
  • Massive database of different industries to target
  • Value for money services

At TechCmantix, we have been providing best in class email marketing campaigns at cost effective rates. We are among the leading email service providers in India and we are running our email campaigns for many businesses not only from India but for clients from different geographical regions.

Call us now to know more about our email marketing packages we offer to your business.

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