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The phenomenal growth of social media has made vibrant changes in the way internet marketing is done. The social media has a wider reach in all the countries and it is time for businesses to maximize the benefits offered by it. Just a website is not enough these days to make your customers feel your online presence. Your presence in the social media will reward you a lot if you master the skills to economically place your business in social media.

The social media giants Facebook and Twitter are making business grow well by bringing leads and sales via advertising campaigns. Facebook especially is playing a pivotal role in maximizing the ROI on social media advertising.


Our Facebook Advertising and Fan Page Promotion Service

Facebook is the world’s second largest website in terms of users after Google. With more than 800 million users on Facebook, it has become a very popular place for millions of advertisers who want to create a buzz in the market. Facebook Advertisements are very accurate form of digital advertising because you can choose the exact demographics for your target audience. Suppose you own an youth fashion accessories shop in Bangalore and you want to target youngsters using Facebook, then you may limit your advert visibility to for age group between 17 – 24 years who like fancy accessories and cloths and are living in Bangalore.

What we do in Facebook Advertising Campaign?

  • Creating a Facebook Fan Page
  • Creating a vanity URL
  • Customizing the Facebook landing page
  • Creating online communities, forums and groups
  • Linking your fan pages to your website and other social pages
  • Regular activities on your fan page to engage users
  • Promoting your upcoming events and products
  • Higher lead generation for your business
  • Encouraging fans to do activities to reach a wider audience base
  • Special emphasis on specific target groups
  • Making your brand popular, increasing brand awareness

Our Expertise in Facebook Promotions

  • Managing Facebook Adverts
  • Managing & Promoting Groups
  • Managing & Promoting Fan pages

In Facebook, there are two types of marketing, one is Facebook Adverts (Paid Ads), through which you can run your ads targeting a specific set of users on Facebook and other is promoting fan pages and groups in Facebook (Free of cost). Our Facebook marketing team has deep expertise in handling Facebook Marketing Campaigns for different types of businesses which basically includes three things:

We create best in class Facebook Advertising Campaign to create brand awareness and bring business online.

Wondering how or where to get started? Call us right away for any information on Facebook Adverts. TechCmantix will guide you with all the insights of Facebook Advertisements.

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