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LinkedIn is the largest and most effective professional networking website with more than 120 million active users. This huge user base of professionals from different verticals makes it very valuable platform for advertisers to market their products and services among their potential targets. It is a very powerful portal which offers unique opportunities to build network which may help in professional growth through effective networking. Almost all the business owners, CEO’s, key decision makers, investors and venture capitalists are here. So this makes it a place where business deals and strategic partnerships initiate and prosper.

Right place to meet the right people

Unlike other social networking websites, it enables you to target very specific set of people based on different statistics. You may target users based on various demographic characteristics such as age, gender, location, company, title, area of expertise, and many more. This has made the accessibility of top notch professionals through strategically targeted ads that uses effective keywords.

LinkedIn Advertising by TechCmantix

Being the pioneers of online advertisements we have covered all the major advertising programs, including LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been the most effective and costly affair, though provides effective ROI on right advertising campaigns. We offer you best in class services to effectively market LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

What are the potential benefits of LinkedIn Advertising?

  • Meeting and collaborating with high profile professionals
  • Creating a Business Presence in the strongest professional network
  • Enhancing the reputation by making Business listing
  • Get high ROI through strategic and targeted campaigns
  • Widen the scope of strategic partnerships and business alliances
  • Get huge traffic to your site

What we do in our LinkedIn Advertising program?

  • Lead generation service and follow up
  • Generation of a relevant database of prospects
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of each campaign
  • Formation of LinkedIn ‘Group’ to enhance online reputation
  • LinkedIn marketing campaign management process

At TechCmantix, we create tailor made campaigns that are specifically made for LinkedIn to help different businesses and individuals top grow their professional network and business here. If you think that this platform can be beneficial for your business or services, then get in touch with us to know more about our services.

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