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With more than 10 years of experience in this industry of web development and digital marketing, TechCmantix team was well aware of Social Media Buzz that has grabbed a vital role in online marketing nowadays. The social media marketing is all about the process of raising brand awareness of your product, company or services among people through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
A strong social media presence is vital the growth of your organization in this digital era. Your presence will definitely attract the ever growing number of social media users to your website and it also results in improving your search engine rankings.
We have a dedicated team of in-house social media marketers who are well versed with the tasks related to promoting of websites over different social platforms. We know how to create brand awareness and loyalty for a brand by keeping the users engaged on the fan pages or profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest etc.

Apart from these famous social platforms, there many others like social bookmarking, video or photo-sharing platforms which are now counted as social media. We have expertise in setting up your profiles, providing you relevant content like articles and pictures to share across the web on different social media platforms.

Our SEO Process

We use generic SEO practices and adhere to the policies of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. With years of experience, our SEO professionals are very expert in analyzing the competition and then working strategies to bring the website in top search results with targeted keywords. Our SEO for website includes two major things – On Page Optimizations & Off Page Optimizations, which are the two major heads of SEO.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing/Optimization

  • Widen your communication channel using internet
  • Get a powerful communication channel at low cost
  • Enlarge the visibility of your brand
  • Foster and facilitate awareness about your products
  • Market your new products and offers with ease

Wondering how to “GET SOCIAL”? Get in touch with us. We will do it for you!

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