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Creating a conceptual graphics design is similar to that of moulding human imagination. Inorder to give the pictorial representation a powerful means of communicating a message, we tend to use the latest tools and technologies that are ruling the designing industry. From such a successful line descends our service in producing stunning yet lucrative booklet and cover designs for corporate and commercial publishers. We deem it a great oeuvre in exaggerating the content to an acceptable and astonishing level of visualization.
Booklet & Cover Designing

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Do you think this quote is well obeyed, obviously not! And what can we infer from this fact?

Simply, this gives importance over the need of the good booklet and cover designing teams; they are to be more exclusive and to stand out of box from out dated traditions in cover designing strategies.

The cover of any book is the first and foremost factor that tempts a reader to buy it. This critical marketing strategy will be very much profitable if and only if it is done by a professional booklet and cover designer. In the domain of marketing, the sales promotion methods are never so cheap and powerful as it is with designing an exceptional cover design by professional designers. A better choice of the front page cover design would definitely provide you the upper hand in business.

We speculate the following premium services to our esteemed clients,

  • Concept Realization
  • Designing the Cover page
  • Layout designing of inner pages
  • Modulate various parts of the book
  • Idea to layout innovation
  • Full colour support RGB & CMYK
  • High resolution genuine conceptual images
  • Customization and Revision on Demand
  • Proof Reading
  • Design Testing and Reviews
  • Delivery for both print and web usage formats

We at the TechCmantiX Technologies use the above methodologies along with the best available tools to compile your requirements in a reliable and creative manner with special considerations towards the present industrial standards.Thus we assure both quality and complete customer satisfaction when it comes to graphics design.

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