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    Brochure Design

There are several proven strategies to attract the targeted audience into any business concern. One such effective solution is the brochure design. Brochures are the most affordable yet simple and potential means of communication to the pin pointed customers. A business brochure is an informational pamphlet which stands for a unique purpose.

We understand this so much that we infer with that function of preparing such a printable media. Brochures have a longer span of life time than many other communication media thus it can be considered as an inexpensive activity of business promotion.

We represent the personality of the company in a stylish and passionate way and add essence towards the purpose of the brochure design. This necessitates us to get appropriate information of your expertise in business domain, the current requirement and the prediction of present media trends to lead up the process of designing.

We at TechCmantix procure a professional approach towards the overall brochure design activity. We specially concentrate more upon the various components of a standard brochure designs and formats. It includes business brand logo, company headers, corporate service list, highlighted information, featured offers, signature, contact details and other relevant subjects if any.

Our unique brochure design Practice Involves,

  • Layout Design
  • Styling and Format
  • Information Establishment
  • Colour, Pattern, 2D, 3D Visualization Images and designs.
  • Back panel designs
  • Contact Information
  • Design Testing (repetition, highlighting, white space, hierarchy, typography, alignment and proximity etc.)
  • Rack Testing
  • Final Walkthrough

Apart from these intelligent operations in brochure designing we deal in certain critical areas of a brochure in particular. A brochure’s front cover must be so appealing for a reader to acquire interest in reading it. Hence we take it very serious while designing the front covers to make it appear much attractive so as to persuade the reader to fit their business requirement into it. The brochure design will ensure that you have a unique advantage over the expensive customer, who naturally gets motivated to enter your business so as to satisfy his needs by your corporate services.

Our dynamic yet vibrant and creative catalogue design would make your business promotional activity a grand success.The brochure designs are very vital and should be taken so serious in a business concern and hence we are so keen in providing these concentrated services to the corporate business concerns.

Apart from creating brochure designs we can also enable you to launch business themes and schemas, which would feature other corporate branding products like logo, Flyers, newsletters, posters, labels, folders, vouchers and other corporate branding products. Herewith we encourage you to elevate your business to greater heights by making use of these premium services in which we promise professionalism and high industrial benchmark.

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