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“These days Websites are not only for computers”Recently websites are equally visited by a series of portable devices. This made the crucial requirements over the issues like compatibility of such websites in handheld instruments like tablets, mobile phones, phablets etc. The Responsive & HTML5 Web Designing came to the rescue. This technique is far better than the initial idea of maintaining separate web sites for mobile access that demanded separate URL redirections for different devices.

The impression appeared feasible but not that much affordable. A business must create a separate content for all the available devices separately with keeping their client’s screen configurations in mind.Mobile websites are one solution where they have dedicated URL for mobile devices and different URL for clients using computers.

So what is Responsive and HTML5 Website Design?

A Perfect blend of HTML5, JavaScripts, CSS and CSS3 would be enough to design a stunning responsive website designs with media queries, fluidic grids to gather information about the screen which is used to view the website. This enables our site to dynamically alter the presentation style to be display optimised for the client device and compatible to the rendering quality of the screen.

The major Pros of a Responsive HTML5 Web site Design over Mobile Websites are,

  • Prevent Duplication of content
  • Same website for different devices
  • We develop only one website that is very much affordable, easy to develop and maintain.
  • The site would be optimised for all kinds of compatible devices automatically.

The Tools and Technologies

The tools and technologies that we excel are the best in industry and use the universally standard platforms like HTML5, JavaScriptand CSS3. We have an impeccable experience and expertise in using these technologies to make globally renowned responsive website designs.

HTML5 remains to be a good forerunner in mobile application development industry to provide room for responsive interactive designs, animations, multimedia content and interoperability between all types of computing devices. Combined with CSS3, HTML5 is able to provide a very rich user interaction design patterns which is very much appreciated in present corporate industries that prefer responsive web designs.

We are able to transform a complete Photoshop design into a HTML code in no time, thanks to our graphics design and web development team who could professionally do these high end tasks in a short span of time.This supports us to get quick results in developing responsive web site designs for our esteemed clients.

In case that you are concerned more about your fixed and floating customers then it’s these technologies that we are going to use to cater your requirement. We are very proud in having an in house team of professionals and much experienced team of experts in each of these technologies that can make your business go dynamic through responsive HTML5 Website designs, mobile applications and a rich graphics driven internet applications etc.

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