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“What works in man without an exceptionally architectured Brain?”
The storage is the backbone of any management information system. It is the sole reason that makes automation systems to be more intuitive, intelligent, accurate and powerful. With the intervention of web the need for information storage and management has roared to a critically important task for corporate. A good database design would create a healthy atmosphere for the business growth. TechCmantix Technologies deliver high quality through intelligent database solutions that are industry ready.

Whether it is a custom database development, corporate database development or customer database development we ensure topmost standard in design of the database solutions satisfying today’s needs and tomorrows expectations. The future of computing is web and hence we specialise in web, hence we design and develop open source MySql database solutions, optimise existing database products, maintain database management systems with making your costs as low as possible to conserve affordability in our products.

The spotlights of our Database Solutions are,

  • Secure Accessibility
  • Feasible Architecture Design
  • Technical Solutions satisfying Database needs
  • Research based Requirement analysis
  • Building sample systems for testing and simulation
  • Considering Domain specific prerequisites
  • Standard and on-demand Backup solutions
  • Multi-faceted Database administration maintenance and support
  • Cloud Ready solutions

Our experience is unparalleled in creating a closed networked database solutions for enterprises and creating gateways for global database access that drives your business all around the globe. The diversification of our database products over a very vast domain has gained us a superb portfolio which is open for your valuable reference. The technology we adopt is supported by almost all popular platforms and it is the industry standard in database development. The development is planned with data migration in mind and hence any future enhancements are readily possible even if technology changes frequently.

In addition to the database development, optimisation, maintenance services we can also back you up with professional and secure interface solutions that best fits the backend technology that is instigated.

Our expertise in database solutions would bring profit to your business. We could build any database solutions for your dynamic website, web portal, CMS or any full featured multitier database driven system.

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