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Start-Up Business Event By Google Business Group (GBG) – Tiruchirappalli

May 3, 2014
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Google Business Group

So you want to be a business development professional?

The question is, do you know what your business entails? Do you have enough knowledge in it? Even then, do you know how and where to start? Start with Google Business Groups (GBG), Tiruchirappalli.

GBG is run by business professionals, passionate about bringing the benefits of the web to their local business communities, on volunteers. Collaborating and learning from each other helps everyone achieves more.

Business is a combination of war and sport; there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Come on, let's warm-up via Google Business Group (GBG), Tiruchirappalli

Google Business Group (GBG) guides business people to use the CHANCE and CHANGE the world. It serves free and it brings the benefits of web Technologies to local business communities. It organizes social gatherings, workshops, seminars, events and activities.

GBG conduct events to meet all the people who craving for a business development. We could get an opportunity to gain knowledge, share ideas and to share different thoughts. 

Big things often have small beginnings. Come for the meet and you could know, “how the community can be helpful for business professionals?”

Join GBG, Tiruchirappalli for an opportunity to learn Technologies and to Network with business people and web entrepreneurs.
Visit: http://www.gbgtrichy.org/join-gbg

Inaugural meet up of Google Business Group, Tiruchirappalli  is on Saturday (10th May 2014) at 3.30 PM.
Visit: http://www.gbgtrichy.org/events 


BUTP Auditorium, 
Bharathidasan University (Khajamalai Campus), 
Tiruchirappalli – 620 023  

First meet is all about the community (GBG), how and what you can LEARN & SHARE by Mr. Lakshminarayanan N, GBG Manager – Tiruchirappalli.
You will also listen to a fascinating and thought-provoking speech of Mr. Divyaprakash, Entrepreneur – Techcmantix about his “Entrepreneurship Journey” and meticulous speech about “Digital Marketing” an Intro by Mr. Abdul Malick, Digital Marketing Consultant.

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Tiruchirappalli - 620023.
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