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About Us


TechCmantix Technologies is an established IT service provider that offers state of the art technology solutions for all industry verticals. We are based in Tiruchirappalli, India with development offices in Canada, USA, Singapore & Bahrain.

Founded in 2006 as a web startup firm, TechCmantix has scaled up in a short span of time into the tall and wide technology horizons with over 100 projects to clients from varied industries across Asia-Pacific, America and Europe. With our ultimate business and technological experience we have delivered solutions that fit organizations with a focus on improving process efficiency and reducing operating costs.



Our mission is to bring cost effective IT Services to all business verticals with commitment to fair, ethical and legal business practices by:

  • Achieve the benefits of innovation without increasing their IT expenditure
  • Combining our experience and expertise to align their business and technology goals
  • Adhering to industry standard business processes
  • Focusing on ethical business practices



Our vision is to be the well-regarded IT service provider by delivering long term value to all stakeholders.



Our human resources are the Critical Success Factors (CSF) of our organization. TechCmantix is managed by a team of cohesive and strong individuals who works closely with the businesses to deliver tangible benefits.

Every member of the team has the knowledge and expertise to understand and address the consumer pain points. Right from the early stages we remember that the DNA of the leaders is the DNA of the company. All the team members are excited and proud in working towards building the next generation global business.

Quality Policy


Over 400 Fortune 500 companies outsource their software development & maintenance to India. To continue the world wide recognition we strive to deliver products to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers.

We focus fully on the quality benchmarks that deliver superior level of performance. We work rigorously to discover the gaps in our performance when compared to best in class industry leaders. We bridge the gaps with our efforts to go beyond process maturity to achieve process competence.


Project Management


Our project management philosophy underlines the delivery of projects on time and most importantly on budget. We have continuously evolved to meet the client requirements over the years with our business model. We have articulated our business model based on the 5 key aspects of our business: People, Organization, Infrastructure, Process and Quality.


Our business model is our competitive differentiator. It gives emphasis to the following:
  • Understanding the business and technical issues of the clients to deliver the real solution
  • Managing our resources efficiently towards building a knowledge workforce
  • Creating strategic alliances with clients for technology enabled transformation
  • Adhering to proven industry standards
  • Implementing best practices


Technology Expertise


Technology brings a great value to business. We are aware of this fact and we are here for catering to your organization’s IT needs with our disruptive technologies. Whether it’s a simple website for your company or a mission critical e-commerce portal, we ensure that our customers get what exactly they want. We strongly believe that our clients are our word of mouth advocates and 76% of our business comes from repeat customers from the following industry verticals:

    Electronics & Communication
    Advertising & Media
    Finance & Insurance
    Manufacturing & Engineering
    Hospitality & Travel
    Health Care
    Retail & Distribution Services
    Education & Training

Our Technology Stack

    Web Programming
    Custom Software Development
    Mobile App Development
    Graphics and Animation
    Hosting & Domain

Contact Us
G18, G19 Technology Park,
Bharathidasan University,
Khajamalai Campus,
Tiruchirappalli - 620023.
+91 0431-2332350
+91 9159522333
mail to : info@techcmantix.com