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Small and medium sized businesses play a vital role in today’s business globe and in altering the market values rapidly. They are fundamentally based on their direct customer density and the corresponding rate of sales. Increase in the information regarding the existing customers, their approach, purchasing behaviour and the efforts taken to quench the expectations of new customers define the express growth of any corporate. These are the prime focus of customer relationship Management systems.

TechCmantix Technologies is a professional software development concern which develops splendid software solutions for CRM requirements of any organization. Our CRM solutions concentrates much in attracting new customers into the business, maintain a good relationship with the existing customers and encourage them to do more business within your company. Understanding this we at TechCmantix, have formulated a software solution that perfectly cover all the aspects that can be interconnected to achieve a sustainable growth of profit.

The software deliver the core functionality that tracks the records of the customer, his business habits, sales prediction and special recommendations that can be attractive to the client yet profitable to the business. We create software’s that are fundamentally based on web since the advantages we have over the cloud technologies.

Our CRM solutions include the following features like,

  • Customer Profiling
  • Targeted Sales Prediction
  • Customer Interest and Behaviour Tracking
  • Client feedback Processing
  • Market sharing strategy
  • Related sales and Marketing procedures

With our innovative and custom software development techniques we solve almost all the known tricky setbacks and include any specific custom requirements requested by the customer. Our qualified market analysts and experienced software developers produce robust solutions to meet the present and future requirements that are posed by your business that can be of any domain. The service does not conclude with the mere deployment of the project but continues a long way along your business to guide your company to predict the future of the business as well as the up-gradation needs of the software products that we deliver.

The Major Industrial Domains that we serve are,

  • Retail Sales Areas
  • Telecommunication and Broadcasting Technology
  • Software and IT Industries
  • Health Care Service Providers
  • Economic and Finance Departments
  • Travel and Residencies

Feel free to contact us anytime and enable us to serve you better.

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