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A corporate is driven directly by the assets it possess, both tools and techniques it is used to. Here custom software that fits into the day to day activities of an organization would make the business to be unique from inside out. The primary goal of a custom software solution was obviously to digitize the processes and to automate certain iterated activities inside the organization. Based on the capability it could also take care of refining the process, optimising the concern, assignment, recording and thereby increasing the throughput. TechCmantix Technologies could model, implement, maintain custom software’s for distinguished organization which dare to leap over the ordinary industry and try to reach sustained profit in terms of right business alignment.

Why TechCmantix Technologies,

  • Refined Research over the requirements
  • Adequate Planning powered by the client
  • Clear Cut Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Document
  • Professional Software Work Culture
  • Advanced Development tools and techniques
  • Completely powered by the Web
  • Exceptional quality in Interface Designs
  • Pre-planned Budgeting
  • Organised Delivery Methods and future Maintenance
  • Business Class Customer Support

Apart from what TechCmantix already know, we are a bit more concerned about what does our client expects of us. Thus we call it custom software, so that it appears exactly as the customer wants it and does precisely what it was intended for. We drive our custom software development through our powerful web applications, since it has a multi-core advantages compared to the native software development traditions.

We follow a research model in documenting your affirmative requirements before planning your custom software and there on follow a crisp standard of software development strategy that meets international level in software ideals, ethics and protocols. Spaced out from fitting your business into our products, we eventually alter our products to fit it into your business to attain the true meaning of custom software development scenario.

The pricing plans of TechCmantix are based on the Double-side-Development guidelines which are much cost effective yet affordable for our client. Hence we maintain a long term relationship with our customer and aid them in the after sales services and any future up-gradations our client may seek

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