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How WordPress is a Best CMS than Joomla and Drupal

Jun 30, 2013
CMS, Web Development
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CMS (Content Management System) is a platform which allows you to edit, update and publish your contents in websites. It allows many web users to edit without conflicting each other with distinct web designs and articles. Multiple users manage their dynamic contents in online where menus and links will be updated automatically when you make change in any pages. Several CMS emerged today and we need to choose the right one for our needs.

Wide range of CMS with different features

We know that web is growing big every day; it’s our job to pick a right tool for our dynamic contents. Available tools may be complex and technical; among them we need to select the one which is easy to use, simpler with designer flexibility and customization. Various Content Management Systems exist like Concrete5, Expression Engine, Textpattern, Silver Stripe, Cushy CMS, Radiant CMS, Magneto, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress with different features.  Let see about latter three popular tools and find which is best. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are developed in PHP with database MySQL and licensed under GNU General Public License.

Drupal is for complex contents

Drupal is released in 2001, powerful and flexible which provides wide range of achievable solutions. Drupal Community has strong number of developers and users. Drupal themes are good at better picture but simpler and have limited choices. It is secured and it requires experience to use it. It helps to categorize the complex content in multiple levels and needs additional programming. Drupal is best for enterprise class websites and people who needs to build feature rich content for large budget projects. See a Drupal sitewhitehouse.gov

Joomla suits for web technicians

Joomla and Drupal concentrate on technical aspects of design. Joomla is very good to use but have inconsistencies in modules and themes. Its CMS supports access control protocols with variety of usability admin tools. Technical people built this and they focus on technical qualities of product. Even though technical aspects play a main role, what people need is simplicity and they want to create blogs and contents on their own. CMS tools must help people who lack skills in managing those techie things.

"WordPress solved customer problems and gave solution to them"

Pros and Cons:

In Joomla building navigation arrangement is easy, once you learn how it works and you can find changing colors and logo. It has multilingual built in capability. Sometimes it is difficult to import articles from one site to another and change versions. Various customization features are there but web professionals make more money in WordPress. Themes are available with magnificent layouts in short codes, somehow they lack in Drupal. Drupal is also used in Web Development platform and newbies found hard to tackle it.

Why WordPress as your CMS?

Web developers and designers see great demand in WordPress which outnumbered Joomla and Drupal. Most of the website use WordPress as their backbone which is known for its best CMS in managing dynamic contents. Over all 19% of websites are currently built in WordPress, Joomla hold 3.3% and Drupal is at 2%.  You can see its dominance in marketplace and business strategy because of its quality and flexibility.

  • WordPress is the world most popular blogging CMS
  • Stylish one and easy theme installation.
  • It reaches higher search rankings and index content makes easy to read.
  • Friendly user interface and easy administration interface.
  • It doesn’t need any technical training.
  • It can be upgraded, online support is available.

WordPress has plenty of good security and SEO plugins. There is a multi- user experience in blogging platform and has plenty of widgets and simple use plugins.

WordPress is a best choice:

Before choosing CMS we must research before investing our time in those tools. We should not give up user interface for functionality and next thing we should not forget is ease in deployment. The powerful and best CMS for managing dynamic websites is WordPress. Many developers, writers, programmers and users had proven the benefits in WordPress. Day by day they are introducing new plugins, themes, layouts, customization options to make their clients to enjoy its flexibility.

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