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Understanding The Keyword Research In SEO

May 28, 2013
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As Web is densely populated, keyword is the bait which places your website in the ratings of search engine results. Implementing perfect keywords while doing SEO promotes your website in the ranking above your competitors. After writing quality content, still you won’t be in top ranking of Google. This is because Google Bot uses an algorithm which ranks your website as per the keywords usage or density. There are many factors available in Search Engine Optimization to get ranking in search results, the foremost one is "Usage of Targetted keywords".

Choice of Right Keywords:

Choosing right keyword is a first and crucial step for the success of SEO Campaign. It is best to focus on less competitive keywords. "Keyword Density" should describe the whole content in your website and search strings accurately which are likely used for search. 

Discover the Keyword:

Without knowing the phrases of keyword you cannot compete your competitor in SEO. Understand the customer demand by looking at search volume and pinpoint current trends in keyword. Keyword is a critical factor when used correctly it provides strength for building and designing websites. It includes the following:

Expand Keyword Suggestions:

Root phrase of keyword combines all the potential permutations related to search. Now you can drill keyword phrases into many keywords by considering keyword suggestions. These matched terms fetch relevant results in SEO.

Place Keywords in Unique Areas:

Domain name of a website tells more about your website. Place keyword in URL, page titles, heading etc. In SEO it is better to place keyword in URL which will boost your ranking incredibly.

Check  Plurals and Singulars:

Count the numbers of both singular and plural version of your keyword terms. The plural versions are significative to commercial purpose than singular ones.

Balance the Keyword Weight:

It is normalized by both locally and globally used keywords. A phrase that appears many times in a document will also appear in many other documents.The only possible way is using words differently and replacement of words with corresponding relevance.

Mistakes in Keyword Terms:

When it comes to keyword research, mistakes made by researchers in the beginning are:

  1. Neglecting to expand the keyword list
  2. Depending upon third party suggestion tools, which give same data to everyone
  3. Targeting only on competitive terms
  4. Excessive reliance of keywords
  5. Forgetting to group components and sub-components of keyword
  6. Using generic keywords rather than narrow keywords

Usage of Long-Tail Keyword:

Long–tail keyword tends to have less competition and provides constant ideas which help for natural search efforts. They are longer, more specific and gives higher relevancy rates. It has some difficulty to manage and update when compared to common keywords. Since longer terms encode more information about the site that people are looking for, it intuits new features to the customers.

Keyword Placement and Keyword Density:

From density of keyword, Bots decides whether the page is useful to the search of related keyword. When crawler crawl your website, it is mandatory to maintain accurate percentage of keyword density. While targeting keyword, stay away from keyword stuffing. Spiders will quickly understand the unnecessary keywords and affect your ranking. Remember to keep track of your keyword position.

Focus on Keywords:

A good post explores one topic, so think of focusing keyword towards that topic. Keywords can be used smartly in your website. It is better to use keyword in title tags which appears in the top of a browser and it is good to have 3% to 5% of keywords in SEO. Eliminate the keywords which are difficult to rank against competition. A good keyword will helps you in bringing traffic to your website, by focusing on specific search terms.

Once you have chosen your theme you can explore keywords that would create a better SEO. If you fail there is only waste of your client’s time and money. Everything that is done in SEO is based on the keywords. The assurance of large website doesn’t tell that keywords are right but assures using right keywords.

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